Is separation seasonal?

In reality, it appears that vacations may worsen underlying tensions and conflict for couples

Is separation seasonal?

As practising Family Solicitors looking at the trends over the years there appears to be a spike following summer vacation and the Christmas break.

Looking further into this, it appears that troubled couples may see the holidays as a time to perhaps soothe relationships and address underlying issues by being away from their usual daily setting.  In reality, it appears that vacations may worsen underlying tensions and conflict for couples as it can be emotionally charged and stressful for many.  Therefore, it serves to only expose cracks in a marriage especially when the vacation time does not live up to their expectations.

It may be that when things do not quite pan out as hoped, some couples may make a conscious decision to file for divorce/separate following the family vacation, and before the children start back at school.  Similarly, there appears to be spikes in January, after the winter holidays.

What next?

Once it is established that there are no real prospects of making the relationship work, it is important to take sensible steps. In these circumstances the interests of the children should be kept at the heart of any decision. It is important that the children see both parents during the holidays as these are the parts of childhood that and should be filled with happy and magical memories.

It may be considered that a 50/50 parenting arrangement is a good way forward.  This arrangement allows both parents, despite their separation to maintain a strong and advantageous relationship with the children. Christmas and the summer holidays can be a stressful time for families and can lead to some tension. A shared parenting plan is usually a positive experience when the parents are able to cooperate to create a workable plan that respects the bond between both parents and each child. Communication is key to this. Having the correct legal advice can help structure these arrangements and make sure that they are fair and clear to each parent and beneficial to the children to keep the holidays happy and filled with good memories.

It is important to note that not all separations need to be complicated and matters can be resolved amicably.  If you are experiencing difficulties but do not know what to do, then why not give us a call on 0121 702 1580 to speak to one of our specialist solicitors to talk through the options available to you.