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As experts in family law, we help many people going through a relationship breakdown to achieve the right solution. We provide precise and strictly confidential advice to help you resolve issues relating to property, debts, family business, pensions and child arrangements.

We aim to resolve matters amicably by negotiation rather than the time and expense of Court Proceedings which can add to people’s anxiety.

Our aim is to make matters run as smoothly as possible and to minimise the disruption to you and your children who are often caught up in these adult difficulties.

In the event of emergencies, our experts are able to seek urgent and immediate protective orders to prevent domestic violence/abuse or to prevent children being taken out of the United Kingdom.

To speak to one of our Solicitor’s or to book a free no obligation appointment please contact us on 0121 702 1580, use our enquiry form below, our live assistance or send us an enquiry to [email protected]