Family Law Guide

A list of frequently asked questions

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What our your opening hours??

Our opening hours are 9am – 5pm but an appointment can be arranged out of hours if this is more convenient

When do I pay fees??

You are normally asked to provide us with money on account before any work can be conducted.  You will thereafter be asked for fees to be paid in accordance with how your case progresses.

Will I be exempt from paying Court fees??

You may be exempt from paying Court fees. Your Solicitor will carry out an assessment and will help you make the necessary application.

Is the original marriage certificate required?

The Court will require the original marriage certificate or you can obtain a certified copy of the marriage certificate from the Registrar.

Do I need to attend mediation?

You will need to attend mediation. Although, if you have suffered from domestic violence, then you could be exempt from attending..

Do I need to attend Court?

If proceedings for Divorce are issued and matters are relatively straightforward. You will not need to attend Court and the case will be dealt with in your absence. However, if an order for child arrangements becomes necessary then your attendance will be required. Similarly, if you seek an emergency protective order, your attendance will be required.