Basic Guide to Buying a House

Information and basic guidance for buying a house

How to Find a property:

Research the area to ensure you are happy with it.

Find a property by using Estate Agents and the Internet.

Instruct a solicitor at this stage. Many people wait until they have found a property before instructing solicitors. We recommend that you do this when you first intend to buy a property. Please call us for more information.

Once your offer is accepted:

Once your offer is accepted you should arrange a mortgage valuation or survey if required.

Ensure that your deposit is readily accessible and ready to transfer to your solicitors.

You solicitors will check the title to the property and advise you of any points of note. You will then sign the paperwork and send the deposit to your solicitors.


On Exchange of contracts your solicitors pay the deposit to the seller’s solicitors and the date for completion is fixed. You can now not cancel the sale without penalty.

You should now book any removals and prepare utility suppliers and activate your insurance from the date of exchange.


Your solicitors will pay the balance to the seller’s solicitors and you can collect keys. Congratulations the property is now yours.

Please call us for any guidance you require on 0121 708 1580 or email [email protected]